Rainbow is giving Lockette, Chatta, Tune, and the gang their own series called Pop Pixie (not to be confused with the manga Pixie Pop). There will be fifty-two, 13- to 15-minute episodes, so it seems it’ll be a mini-series rather than a fully-developed show like Winx Club. The premiere date is still unclear—one source I read said it would be in spring 2010, another said fall, and yet another said the first twenty-five episodes would air in the spring then the other twenty-seven in the fall. We’ll find out as it gets closer.
Bandai Europe will produce the series’ toy line, set to be released next year in the fall.
You may be thinking now, “Why are the pixies getting their own show?” An article for License! Global magazine quoted Iginio Straffi as saying:
As soon as the pixies appeared on screens they instantly became popular with children, achieving excellent results both in terms of viewer numbers and product sales. For this reason, I decided to bring these cute mini fairies to life and give them their own show and a licensing program tailor-made around the brand.
So, the short answer: kids love the pixies. No surprise—the anime chibi look always works. Will their own bonded pixies become the Winx’s greatest rivals? Regardless, it looks like Disney’s Fairies will have more competition. Get out of the ring, Tinkerbell!


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