1. Harikalar Diyarı - Grup Hepsi
  2. Süper Kızlar - Grup Hepsi
  3. Kır Zincirini - Ceynur
  4. İyiler, Kötüler - Aydilge
  5. Cool Çocuk - Ceynur
  6. Aşk Bir Mucize - Aydilge
  7. Aşktan Kaçılmaz - Ceynur
  8. Uyandırma - Aydilge
  9. Her Zaman - Ceynur / Bahadır Efe
Further information about Album

Music adds to the world of firsts GROUP ALL ...
Green, communications specialist, writer and artist Aydilge ...
Rain CEYNUR award-winning piece of ...

WİNX CLUB 3D "MAGICAL ADVENTURE" met with film soundtracks.
Winx Club all over the world viewed the blockbuster first film "The Secret of the Lost Kingdom" after the second film of the Winx Club 3D "Magical Adventure" soundtrack of the movie, songs and dances are the favorite of young girls against all Aydilge, Bahadir Efe Ceynur and sang.

Area subject to the adventures of the movie magic of fairies album consists of 9 songs. Group All of them CLUP WİNX "Magical Adventure" movie "Super Girls" and "Wonderland" gave his life to his second song. Aydilge by the words of all the songs in the album, collage rock track format 3 seslendirirken, animation films that expressed interest in the artist Ceynur, this project is the third solo songs, as well as a duet song sang along with Bahadir Efe.

The album's first video for all the Group's called "Wonderland" song, was taken offline.

Rock and pop, and felt the weight of a total of 9 songs found soundlarının 3D'Sihirli Winx Club Adventure "movie soundtrack album in October, will take place in the music market.
You heard it here first!lol...


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