So I was reading the Global Licensing Special Report Mag July 2011 Issue.
And It was sponsored by  Nickelodeon Consumer Products!
And I came across reading this section....
After reading the article, I realized that it said that in October Winx Season 3 will be begin showing daily in October in the U.K., Latin America.Canada and Benelux.
I'm really confused right now, because I thought that they will be showing the 4 specials.
But it could be a mistake, but although it say's that it will air in October.
What do you guys think?... Comment below. :)

Oh and Winx Dolls will be launched in fall 2012 when Winx Season 5 will start airing! :)

And also in the article a promo was shown.With the Winx featured in! :)

And Lastly, David Faustino has revealed on twitter that he will be voicing Helia from the Winx on Nick!

Thanks Everyone! :)
Thanks to Micheal for the notification of the Magazine. :)!


  1. Gak, so confused now. So the UK is getting season 3 first? NOT FAIR.

    I'm excited for the dolls, though. I think I will buy some this time around..

  2. I'm so confused about this, because on twitter Nick UK only said that Winx was premiering on Nick and never actually said anything about the special. :/

  3. And they didn't mention season 3 in the USA.

  4. I don't think the USA fans have to worry about anything, They have already said that it will air this Fall which is like 1 and half months away. After the specials have finished airing they will show season 3. :)
    Here's the article that I posted about. :)

  5. Yeah, I guess I was being a little selfish, the USA fans are lucky. Maybe if the don't air the specials it will have something to do with Iginio(Is that spelled right) saying the UK had watched seasons 2 over and over again.

  6. I meant one and two(from that video you uploaded about him talking about the Nick deal with Rainbow)

  7. Yeah,
    Because here in the UK they still show Winx Club on Pop,
    but as for America they stopped showing it therefore you need the special to get new fans to catch up with it, as for us. we might not need to see the special since they still show it on Pop.
    But then again, there will be new fans here in the UK and we'll need the 4 specials that will summarize seasons 1+2 to help them catch up with the Winx. It's really all confusing. :/

  8. This is so of topic but at Nick.com they have a new quiz called "So you think you know the Winx" and if you get all the questions wrong it says "Your a fledgling fairy!" and it has a pic of Roxy! That's the first I have seen of her on Nick!

  9. Oh yeah, I took that quiz and I was really confused by the fact that she was on the site.
    Strange. :/

  10. I'm really confused now! No Season 2 for us?

  11. No, the specials are summarizing that. :)

  12. I'm just hoping the first special won't air in Canada on Thanksgiving. I'll be up at my mother in law's and she doesn't have digital cable like my husband and I do. Yes that's right, mother in law and husband. I'm 30 and watch Winx Club. LOL I also can't post on Nick's site b/c I'm too old. All these kids saying Aisha's original name was Layla and I can't correct them.

  13. Hehehe
    OMG! That's awesome!!!
    Winx Club does have an awesome effect on both adults and kids it's a family show.
    Hahaha this is why 4kidsTV shouldn't have introduce winx club. But I liked their dub.
    I think that the Canadian Nick will get it around the same time as we do in September. :)

  14. Oh and by the way it says up there on the article that it includes Canada so no worries! :)


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